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The Royal Academy of Engineering has called for profession-wide culture change and regular benchmarking of progress in order to create a truly inclusive culture within the UK engineering profession. The initiative follows the publication of …

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Diversity champions – February 2011

Stonewall, UK’S leading gay rights advocate, has released its Top 100 Employers in Britain for lesbian, gay and bisexual people in 2011. The Home Office was in number one spot as the most gay-friendly place …

Scorecard metrics

InclusionINC, a diversity and inclusion consulting company, offers scorecard metrics for benchmarking goals. The scorecard is specifically customized to a client’s current performance management process, competencies, or desired business behaviors to ensure proper measurement and …

Top 10 Ways to Motivate the Younger Generation

Whether we call them Millennials, “I” or “Me” Generation, Gen Yers, even Facebookers, they are the new younger and techno-savvy employees in our workforce. These employees were raised on the Internet with immediate access to …