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A study of 177 biotechnology companies which publicly listed between 2012-2015 shows that women participate on biotech company boards at a current level of 10.9 percent, and to reach gender parity would take 40 years. …

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Ontario Disability Employment Network

Yes, it’s possible to save taxpayers millions while getting more people who have a disability into the workforce
Ontario spends $3.3 billion a year on disability income support, a figure that’s growing at a rate of …

Top 5 steps for a successful diversity strategy

United States Coast Guard

The US Coast Guard’s Office of Diversity not only developed but has also achieved quantifiable success through its Diversity Strategic Plan by identifying 5 goals:

Commitment and accountability from the top brass
Utilization of communication and focus …

The Diversity Outreach Board

United States Coast Guard

Working as a team, the board evaluates programs and events and aligns initiatives with the diversity strategy of the commandant, Admiral Bob Papp. His guiding principle, “Respect our shipmates,” has fostered an inclusive environment where …

The City of Ottawa has honoured Jeremy Dias with the Mayor’s City Builder Award

The City of Ottawa has honoured Jeremy Dias with the Mayor’s City Builder Award for his tireless work against inequality and discrimination, in particular as founder of Jer’s Vision: Canada’s Youth Diversity Initiative, now Canada’s …

Global diversity news briefs – May 2012

Recent research has shown that women in senior management positions have dropped 3% in the past year, from 28% in 2011 to 25% this year. Similar dips were reported in Latin America, Asia Pacific, South …

Immigrant Employment Council of BC Report Calls for Greater Employer Involvement in Matching Workforce Needs to Leverage Immigrant Talent

The Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) is releasing the results of an independent study that calls for greater employer involvement in matching workforce needs to leverage immigrant talent. The BC Employer Consultation Report: Recruiting …

The 100 Best Workplaces in Canada 2012

One hundred companies have been recognized today as the Best Workplaces in Canada. They represent great diversity in terms of size, sector, industry, and location. The judging panel? More than 50,000 Canadian employees.
And the winners …

Diversity Training Doesn’t Work

Peter Bregman

“We’ve got another lawsuit,” my friend and client Lana* told me over the phone.
“Really?” I was honestly surprised. “What about all that diversity training everyone went through?”
“Well, apparently we need to do it again.”
Lana was …

Diversity champions – April 2012

The Indspire Awards, formerly the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards, recognize Indigenous professionals and youth who demonstrate outstanding career achievement, as well as, motivate and serve as invaluable role models for all Indigenous peoples. This year’s …

Top 4 ways to improve levels of inclusion in the Canadian workplace

Toronto Training and HR

When delivering training events on the subject of inclusion, the definition I use is: The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.
When an organization fails to achieve satisfactory …