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A study of 177 biotechnology companies which publicly listed between 2012-2015 shows that women participate on biotech company boards at a current level of 10.9 percent, and to reach gender parity would take 40 years. …

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Ideas to enhance your mentoring initiative

By Shawn Mintz
Have you started a mentoring program or are you thinking about starting one? This is great news, because mentoring is one of the most effective ways to transfer knowledge, keep your members energized, …

Diversity Champions — November 2013

Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell has received a diversity award two times in one week. She was presented with the 2013 Leadership in Diversity Award and with a 2013 Diversity Award for Public Service from Diversity …

Count Me In Ambassador

This West Australian initiative is aimed at increasing inclusion and access to persons with disabilities. The program, developed by the Disability Services Commission, provides the framework for an ‘ambassador’ to advocate for the interests of …

The How-Tos for Recognizing your Multi-Generational Workforce

By Melissa Minkow
Too often, a diverse workforce with teams having generational differences is considered challenging — but it doesn’t have to be.  The diversity of multi-generations working together can be used to blend strengths and abilities …

What happens when technological environments change?

By Donna J. Jodhan
Whenever change occurs, there is always something that is bound to go wrong for the first while but when this pertains to the environment for a blind person, it is even more …

Diversity in the Workplace? Where does it start?

By Mike Brown
A quick review from several case studies and articles on Diversity in the Workplace, an all too familiar subject that I have encountered in my own work throughout our community.
Diversity issues within the …

Tour for Diversity in Medicine

This national nonprofit group was started by two minority physicians who wanted to encourage, inform and inspire young people who are interested in health sciences but unsure how best to pursue their goals. One of …

Top 5 Corporate Diversity Best Practices

Tasha Kitty, head of  talent acquisition and diversity for Sun Life Financial, says having a diverse workforce is critical for any successful business that wants to remain competitive in the global marketplace. However, attracting and …

Diversity Champions — October 2013

A number of BC organizations have won recognition for their diversity efforts. Vancity, Canada’s largest community credit union, received the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Nancy McKinstry Award for Leadership in Diversity. Island Health received the Exemplary …

Nominations open for the Diversity Leadership Award of Distinction 2014

Nominations are now open for the Alberta Human Rights Commission Diversity Leadership Award of Distinction. The Diversity Leadership Award recognizes workplaces that welcome diversity in their workforces, are eliminating discrimination and barriers to employment and …