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Potential Problem with a Diverse Workforce and a Solution

By Simma Lieberman

We’ve probably all have heard that a culturally diverse workforce is more creative and innovative than a homogeneous one. It’s become the “diversity meme,” so much so that there is hesitancy on the …

Five Diversity and Inclusion Moves to Make Now (or Why There is No Room for Naysayers and Negative Vibers)

By Simma Lieberman
Here are five moves you can make to support Diversity, build Inclusion and make an impact in your workplace and community.
1- Talk about Diversity and Inclusion and how we all benefit. Yes, it’s …

How to Appreciate Diversity and Be Inclusive During the Holidays

By Simma Lieberman
Every year, and this is no exception, I get calls, emails and requests for advice on how to support diversity and be inclusive during the November-December holiday season.
Because several publications this week have …

The No-Nonsense Guide to Workplace Inclusion


Fact 1      
We wrote this book for you.
Workplace inclusion is a given. It’s expected, required, needed even. You know that. Other people tell you that. So what’s holding you back? We get it. You’re …

Ending discriminatory dress codes

By Richa Sandill
My favourite part about the intersection between employment and human rights law is its dynamism. It is constantly evolving to respond to new challenges — or perhaps more accurately, respond to the important …

Demographic Demands: The business case for diversity

By John G. Smith
Recruiters in Canada’s trucking industry appear to be overlooking massive labor pools, and a recent report from Trucking HR Canada is making the business case to connect with several under-represented demographic groups.
“We …

The Path to Executive: What’s Different for Women

By Maxine Clarke and Julie Chesley
Presently, while 66 percent of business undergraduate females (Powell & Butterfield, 2013) and 78 percent of women in upper-level management roles (Vachon & Lavis, 2013) aspire to senior executive positions, women …

The business case for hiring persons with disabilities

Inclusive hiring can help businesses attract and retain skilled employees, and expand their range of customers and clients.
The Province of British Columbia has set a goal to have the highest labour-market participation rate for people …

The Cost of Unbalanced Gender Representation

New research presented at the 110th annual meeting of the American Sociological Association showed that women in occupations with 85% male workforces had a dysfunctional release of cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, whereas women in fields …

Increasing diversity in science could be one way to fight inequality

By James Moore
I am a scientist. I am also white, male and middle-class. There are a lot of scientists like me in theUK, and this lack of diversity within the scientific community is a concern.
There …