About Diversity!

Why Diversity is good for business

Diversity is more than an Act. It’s a smart way to do business. There’s no mystery here. No secrets. No hidden meanings. The challenge in the workplace is what it’s always been: how to hire the best people for the job. And the best people just happen to be Canadians. And that, my friend, is a diversely-talented and wonderfully diverse workforce. Diversity! shows you how to recruit and retain them. As Charles Coffey, Executive VP at RBC, said, “It’s a matter of survival.”

What other companies are doing successfully

Callnet CEO Bill Linton said: “We believe that our diverse workforce enriches our organization, gives us a competitive edge and just makes good business sense.” Amen.

Every month Diversity! shines the spotlight on businesses that have got their act together. And more. Businesses that believe in the power of diversity. We invite you to pick their brains, steal their ideas, and do business better. No point reinventing the wheel. We’ll show you who’s got it right, and how it’s working for them. Because diversity really does work.

News, views, best practices, how-to information.

Diversity! is the complete package. Every month we get the inside scoop from across the country and around the globe, from companies and organizations just like you. We also feature The Coach—a special section devoted to strategies that actually work. We talk to experts, to HR directors and managers who are passionate about the profitability of a diverse workforce and who are willing to share what they know and what they do. Because what comes down from the top affects the bottom line.

From a Canadian perspective…Diversity! covers it all.

Let’s all sing our praises: no other country has diversity down pat like Canada. We not only do it, we do it well. Diversity! helps more companies, organizations, and workplaces learn to lead by example. Diversity! tells our story. And what a story it is.

Because Canada is a diverse nation…

The Aga Khan, founder of the Global Centre for Pluralism, said that diversity is “Canada’s gift to the world.” Need we say more?

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