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New initiative launched to inform and inspire entrepreneurs

Posted on June 27, 2017 – 10:17 amNo Comment | 526 views

A new report, titled Entrepreneurship: Canada’s Golden Opportunity has been released  by the newly formed Canadian Entrepreneurship Initiative and reveals that many barriers still exist if Canada is to reach its full potential. In a survey of 2000 Canadians, new data shows Canadian entrepreneurship is stuck in the past.

The survey results showed that the Canadian view on entrepreneurship is outdated and male dominated. When asked to identify the most famous Canadian entrepreneurs, the top Canadians cited were all men, mostly historical figures (born between 1764 and 1954) or inactive in the businesses that made their name. The survey also highlights a tendency towards risk aversion in business, and underlines how those entrepreneurs who are pushing an aggressive agenda are not being recognized for their efforts by Canadians.

To address these challenges and support Canada’s work to become a global powerhouse for 21st century entrepreneurship, the Canadian Entrepreneurship Initiative launched today in Ottawa. The Initiative will focus initially on helping women. Sir Richard Branson, global entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group, and Canadian television personality and Clearbanc Co-Founder Michele Romanow joined Initiative Founder and Chair Ruma Bose to celebrate the launch.

The initiative has committed to several programs to support both entrepreneurial spirit and action in Canada. This includes supporting increased access to online support and capital investment for small and medium-sized businesses. It will act as a convening force to draw attention to Canada’s entrepreneurial story.

“I founded this initiative because I wish this program had been there for me as I was growing up in Trois-Rivières,” said Canadian Entrepreneurship Initiative Founder Ruma Bose. “I see so much incredible Canadian potential that could be unleashed if our culture was more supportive of entrepreneurship.”

“I’ve seen through my own journey, from building companies to being a Dragon, that we need more support for entrepreneurs. They are the rock stars that will build Canada’s future and need to be celebrated,” said Michele Romanow.

As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, it’s time to realize the country’s potential to become a global powerhouse of free enterprise and innovation,” said Initiative supporter Sir Richard Branson.

Read the full report.



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