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Top 3 tips for encouraging diversity at work

Posted on May 7, 2017 – 2:25 pmNo Comment | 481 views

Here are the top three tips for actively encouraging diversity in the workplace from the Above the Law Career Center.

  1. Assign high-profile work to minority attorneys.  Not doing this creates a lose-lose situation for the firm where clients will question if it is truly committed to diversity and the firm will end up with a dwindling talent pool.
  2. Mentor a minority attorney. If more attorneys are willing to help ensure that everyone at their firm has an equal opportunity to flourish and get the support they need, minority attorneys may be more likely to stay and move up the ranks.
  3. Leverage your background. Having an understanding of a particular culture and/or a fluency in a foreign language can help develop business relationships and ultimately build a book of business.

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