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Not enough residency positions in Canada for foreign-trained physicians

By Leslie Shepherd
Foreign-trained physicians feel there are not enough residency positions for them in countries such asCanadaand theUnited Statesand this information was not communicated to them before they emigrated, a new study has found.
Dr. Aisha Lofters, …

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Self defense courses for blind employees

By Donna J. Jodhan

Yes, I believe that the time may have come for us to think of providing self defense courses for our blind employees.  In fact, I believe that self defense courses should be provided for all of those employees who travel back and forth to work.  We are living in a rapidly changing world where unfortunately, violence seems to be becoming the norm of the day and a world where we are being constantly called upon to protect our physical well being.  Plus your employees are your most valuable assets.

This is not going to change and as a matter of fact it is only going to become more of an acute and vital need.  In the case of the blind person, this need would be doubly important and I do not think that I would need to draw the picture any more clearly.  Companies and corporations could score some important social awareness points by thinking about this.  At the best of times, it is very difficult for a blind traveler; having to deal with busy streets, crowded buses and subways, and cluttered sidewalks.  All of this leads to the need for a blind traveler or commuter to be able to protect themselves physically.

Is it time then for employers to start thinking of finding ways to institute some sort of self defense course/courses for their blind employees?  This can certainly help others as well.

Here are a couple of links to get you thinking and perhaps get started.



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