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Sovereign gets Rainbow Tick in a New Zealand first

Sovereign has become the first insurance company in New Zealand to receive the Rainbow Tick in recognition of its successful diversity and inclusion program which includes a focus on sexual and gender diversity.
The Rainbow Tick program is a …

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Wear It Purple Day

Started by two students in 2010, this annual event spreads the message: You have the right to be proud of who you are. It also encourages support for the prevention of suicide, which is seven times greater for youths who suffer discrimination or prejudice based on their sexuality or gender diversity.

“I look forward to continuing our support for ‘Wear it Purple’ day and building even better relationships between police officers and young people within the sexuality and gender diverse community.” ~Tony Crandell , detective superintendent, New South Wales Police Force

Top 5 tips for transitioning into the multigenerational workforce

Generation Y is the most inclusive, diversity-minded generation to ever walk the earth, according to research conducted by Dr. Shaun Davenport, assistant professor of management, at HPU. They see value in diversity and truly believe …

Collegiate Recruiting Software is Putting Companies Ahead of Their Diversity Hiring Goals

These days many companies are talking about being more inclusive and hiring college students of diversity. Mytasca is helping this become a reality–simply and efficiently.
Mytasca is a database of contacts at universities and colleges around …

Diversity Champions — September 2015

KPMG LLP was named the Best Company for Asian Pacific Americans to Develop Workforce Skills by the Asia Society for the third consecutive year as part of the 2015 Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) Corporate Awards. …

Diversity and Inclusion – Are We Doing Enough?

As workforce demographics continue to evolve, businesses are recognizing the importance of investing in diversity and inclusion as part of their overall talent management practices. In fact, diversity and inclusion in the workplace are becoming …

The Diversity Walk

For one day Terre Haute, Indiana turned orange. Organizers chose orange to represent diversity. The city’s first Diversity Walk was organized by Terre Haute Tomorrow, a committee of citizens and community leaders, and the Hamilton …

Diversity Champion — August 2015

Last month Michael Coteau, minister of tourism, culture and sport and David Peterson, chair of the 2015 PanAm/ParaPan Games, announced this year’s 10 most influential Hispanic Canadians.
With 300 people in attendance, the awards were given to: …

Canadian currency should honour diversity

National pride—it’s all about the buck. The faces that grace a country’s banknotes are a global advertisement for a nation’s achievements and values. So it’s little wonder that more than 55,000 Canadians support a petition …

The Ottawa Police Service Proudly Celebrates Diversity

By Staff/Sergeant Dave Zackrias
The First Annual Ottawa Police Service (OPS) Diversity Celebration event was held on June 25th to bring members of the public, particularly those from racialized and Aboriginal communities, to police headquarters to …

Finding Common Ground in Business & Human Resources Strategies to Increase Organizational Success

The following is an interview with Mar Guerrero-Busquets, Associate Vice President of Employee Experience, Employment Brand and Performance Culture, TD Bank Group.
To have any competitive edge in the Canadian market talent management strategy must be …

Diversity Champions — July 2015

The Premier’s Diversity Leadership Awards were handed out last month in PEI to employees who have shown leadership in diversity by encouraging a welcoming and inclusive public service. This year’s recipients were Rosemary Fleming,Colonel Gray …